Julian Doherty

Hitler tries to embed subtitles with FFmpeg on OSX

Last weekend I made Hitler finds out about Operation Fortitude, a “Hitler Reacts” meme video in response to the bungled Operation Fortitude operation in Melbourne. Somehow the video went minorly viral, getting linked from a few news sources. The effort to actually produce it though, was non-trivial. Being a command line geek, I figured there wo... Read more

Rack::Reloader not reloading? There's `to_app` for that

I burnt a bunch of time over the last few days trying to get the Rack::Reloader middleware to… you know… reload stuff. TL;DR - call to_app on your Rack::Builder block I had a Rack app that was being mounted in a parent Rails app. Not wanting to stop/start Rails whenever I tweaked that little Rack app, I figured I’d try to get code in the app a... Read more

Ruby. Concurrency. Monoids

Ruby. Concurrency. Monoids is a talk I gave at Melbourne “Ruby or Rails” Meet up. I cover off what a monoid is (hint - not a monad), and how they can be used to compose immutable concurrent operations. Read more

Improving Envato Marketplaces Search - Synonyms & Related Items

Here’s another video of me at one of our internal envato tech demos. From the forum thread discussing it: Here’s a peek into our agile development process. Once a fortnight we have an internal “demopalooza” to show off new features. These sessions are open to anyone at Envato to attend, so we try to keep them focused on “what is the valu... Read more

envato search update video

Here’s me in an update video by envato from October last year talking about some of the search engine work we’ve been doing on the team. We’re finishing off a big project to consolidate search on the envato marketplace sites from a frankenstein mix of Sphinx, Solr, and an ancient version of elasticsearch, onto a new platform built on an up to d... Read more