Julian Doherty

Webmachine for Ruby talk

Webmachine is an Erlang framework for building well behaved REST applications that use HTTP properly. There is also a Ruby port of the framework. I did a talk at Melbourne Ruby meetup about it a few months back. You can view the slides from the talk, and I wrote a toy app to go with it that shows off building a simple URL shortener using Ruby... Read more

Using Stats to Not Break Search

At Envato (where I work) we’ve recently started a development blog called for everyone that helps build our various sites - developers, designers, product people, ops, whatever. I wrote one of the launch articles: “Using Stats to Not Break Search”. It’s about the statistical approach we used in our work moving from Solr to el... Read more

Baby shows why gamification is bullshit

I’ve always been a little bit dubious of the whole “gamification” thing. Ian Bogost’s piece on Gamification Is Bullshit talks about how gamification peddling consultants are pushing something of dubious worth. They’re doing this in order to make a buck from the enterprise suckers willing to buy it. This is true. But it’s also worth noting that ... Read more

Malm. Super simple mail server for development

Update 2017/03 - use mailcatcher instead This was a cool thing to play around with, but never got fully fleshed out. The excellent mailcatcher by fellow Melbourne local Sam Cochran does a much better job. TL;DR Malm is a super simple SMTP server/reader. It catches any message sent to it for any email address on any domain. But doesn’t forward ... Read more